Budget Planner (2019-20 Tax)


2019–20 Budget Summary:
Less Sal Sacrifice Cont 1.
Less Sal Sacrifice Cont 2.
Less Tax
= Take Home Pay
Financial Expenses
Home Expenses
Living Expenses
Personal Care


Purpose of this calculator:
To enjoy a good standard of living in retirement requires a consistent, strong savings pattern during one's working life. This budget planner helps you incorporate those requirements into your day to day plans.

How To Use This Calculator:
For the Income and each of the major Expense categories, click the button at the side and enter the detailed information. The "Calculate" button can be clicked numerous times to check how much surplus is left. Subject to contribution caps, salary sacrifice contributions by the person on the higher marginal tax rate will be more efficient, unless co-contributions are involved.

This generic calculator only requires an assumption about tax - assumed to be the 2017-18 personal income rate with allowance for Medicare.
More Information:
We recommend that you do not make any decisions based on this calculator without having first consulted your financial planner. Some of the issues to be considered before making contributions include contribution caps, mortgage/super prioritisation, plan to achieve retirement provision adequacy, transition to retirement strategies etc.

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